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Tuition and Fees 2016-2017

Tuition (per class)
Junior classes $590
Art classes $590
Elementary-High School (Academic courses) $625
Pre-Algebra $695
Drama $300
Speech & Debate Club $200
Wednesday Clubs $120 per session
Additional Fees
Registration 1 $75
Junior Classes $50
Art classes $50
Science classes $50
Facility Usage 2 $50
Optional Fees 3 TBA

1 Registration fee of $75 is per family is payable with the application.
2 Three hours of volunteer service may be done in lieu of the facility usage fee
3 Optional fees may include text books, field trips, additional class materials, school pictures, and class parties.

Three payment plans are available for your convenience:
1-payment (due Aug 1)
2-payments (due Aug 1 and Nov 1)
4-payments (due Aug 1, Sept 1, Nov 1, Jan 15)
A $30 credit will be applied if tuition is paid-in-full in one payment.
A $20 surcharge will be applied to the 4-payments plan.
No additional fees are incurred with the 2-payments plan.
Class fees are due with the first tuition payment (Aug 1).
The facility usage fee will be due Nov 1 if a 3-hour service project has not been designated

Tuition Refund Policy and Class Changes


Tuition statements will be mailed out by July 1, 2016. The first payment will be due August 1, 2016. If you plan to withdraw your child from any SHLC classes you must do so by June 30, 2016. No tuition adjustments will be made after this date. Since all class lists are finalized and our teacher’s employment is confirmed by June 30, 2016, all students enrolled as of July 1st will be responsible for the full year’s tuition even if they chose to withdraw afterwards. We cannot make any refunds after that date.


Classes can be added throughout the year without an additional charge, other than a tuition adjustment. As per our policy statement, you will still be responsible for the entire year’s tuition if your student withdraws from any SHLC class after June 30, 2016.