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Middle School Level (Grades 6-8)

Middle School students explore disciplines in greater depth and with more refined skills. Independent learning is encouraged as students hone their study skills in preparation for high school. These classes have weekly reading and writing assignments, long-term projects and more frequent exams. Classes require the purchase of textbooks and supplementary materials.
Algebra I Tuesday 9:30 am - 1:30 pm
Students will use Saxon’s Algebra I to learn about: signed numbers, exponents, solving equations, two equations with unknowns, graphing equations, scientific notation, ratio, percent, unit conversions, geometry, perimeter, area, volume, English to metric conversions, and surface area. In a typical day, the first two hours of class encompass instruction and application of principles using current events and science and engineering examples. The third hour of class accommodates an untimed, weekly quiz. Text: Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd edition.
Placement test required.
IEW: Following Narnia Tuesday 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Using the Institute for Excellence in Writing Curriculum, Following Narnia, students will learn and practice the basics of IEW structure and style while reading and exploring together the first three books of The Chronicles of Narnia. We will write about the stories, but also the history and science topics, such as the London air raids, Buckingham Palace, and the Crown Jewels. IEW experience is helpful but not required.
IEW: Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons (4th - 6th grade) Tuesday 12:30 am - 3:00 pm
Using the Institute for Excellence in Writing Ancient History-based curriculum, students will learn about the wonders of the ancient world while learning to write with structure and style. In this course, students will write about six major ancient civilizations – Sumer, Egypt, Israel, Babylon, Greece, and Rome – as they work through the nine IEW units and a variety of stylistic techniques.
Studio Art Tuesday 1:45 - 3:45 pm
This course introduces students to core elements of art and principles of design. We will investigate a variety of art media and work on developing portfolios that reflect each student’s individual style and creative problem solving skills. Drawing, sketching, painting, sculpture, graphic design and mixed media will be explored.
Spanish I Tuesday 1:45-3:45
This beginning Spanish course will teach students basic dialog expressions, grammar, vocabulary, and reading. They will be exposed to present and preterite tenses and different types of sentences. Besides learning vocabulary and grammar, students will be studying the Latin culture.
Shakespearean Drama Tuesday 3:45 - 5:15
Yes! Shakespeare can be fun! It’s meant to be performed, not just studied behind the desk. Students will learn different aspects of acting skills, choral recitation, and play analysis with an emphasis on Shakespeare’s texts. A Shakespeare play will be chosen and performed for friends and family at the end of the school year. This class is for students in grades 9-12 and mature 7th and 8th graders. Minimal to light homework mainly involves memorization, poems, sonnets and Shakespeare’s texts during rehearsal period. This class will enable you to fulfill a high school fine arts elective credit and make friends with a great group of passionate students at the same time.
Tapestry of Grace Wednesday 9:30 – 12:00
This award-winning curriculum uses the history of the world to guide students through an amazing education in the humanities. This course is designed for different age groups and is very adaptable to each student’s needs and levels. Students will explore History, Literature, and Geography from the 19th Century. Topics will include the War or 1812, South American Independence movements, Victorian England, California Gold Rush, The American Civil War, Reconstruction, Imperialism, and the Industrial Revolution.
US Civics Wednesday 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
This class teaches middle school students about the US government and active citizenship. Through books, primary sources, group projects, and assignments, we will explore the history and principles of our constitutional representative democracy to help students become effective, responsible citizens. Possible field trips, such as visiting a local courthouse, city council meeting, or state legislative session, will provide, first-hand, practical lessons in civic duty and how each level of government performs.
Science Exploration Wednesday 12:30 - 3:00 pm
This course takes an integrated approach to studying science. Students are encouraged to ask the “why” and “how” of science through in-class demonstrations, labs, and independent projects. Topics to be studied include Cells and Heredity and Motion, Forces, and Energy using the HMH Science Fusion Series. Weekly homework assignments, quizzes and chapter tests, and current events are required.