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Clubs & Activities

Middle School Speech & Debate Club Tuesday 3:30 – 4:30 pm
A fun way for your child to develop their oratory skills! This club will teach your child the various techniques needed to give them the confidence to speak publicly or easily give presentations when needed. Additionally, students will prepare for and select topics for a Lincoln-Douglas type debate, as well as a Public forum. Students will also learn how to judge speeches, looking for good points and areas that need improvement.
Kaleidoscope Clubs Wednesday 3:30 – 5:00 pm

These short, 8-week sessions will be offered for a variety of activities, including, Intro to MS Office, chess, cooking, and more.

Cooking Class for Young Chefs

Students will learn to plan, cook and enjoy a variety of foods. We will prepare breads, main dishes, vegetables, healthy snacks and desserts. I encourage a life-long love of cooking and serving family and friends in a safe, creative and fun setting. An optional field trip to a local vegetable garden will provide inspiration and an appreciation for local fresh foods.

Logic and Critical Thinking Club

This club is designed to introduce children to the techniques that can be used to make sound decisions based on the facts given. Through the use of logic puzzles, lectures and discussions, games, and programming, children will understand terms such as statements, conclusions , evidence, inferences, beliefs, claims and truths. The ultimate goal will be for students to learn HOW to reason, and make sound decisions based on information presented, AND how to SEARCH for facts to make better, more informed decisions. Fallacies as well as coding logic (If, else, then) will also be discussed.